1st Clinically-Tested UVC Product To Kill Germs On The Soles Of Shoe


8-Second Kill Time

Patented Design

Up to 99% Kill Rate of Pathogens on the Sole of Shoes



The Missing Step

The HealthySole provides the first third party clinically tested method to address shoes, a regularly ignored yet potent vector of germ transmission


The Healthy Sole has eliminated our use of the “sticky mats” outside of the anteroom entrance thereby giving a more positive first impression to inspectors. …In this new era focusing on pharmacy IV compounding, your products are at the “cutting edge.
— Alexander F Melchert, MS, RPh, Director of Pharmacy New York-Presbyterian / Queens

How it works


Step Up

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Wait for Countdown

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Move on with Confidence

Transfer & Movement of Pathogens


HAI causing pathogenes regularly spread throughout a healthcare facility. HealthySole is a key tool to limiting this movement. We help cut the lines of transmission making sure to keep patients safe.

Third Party Validated Kill Rate


HealthySole is the first product of its kind to be test by third parties. See how HealthySole reduces pathogenic transfer and keeps both Patients and HealthCare Providers safe.

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