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HealthySole Plus is the only UVC-powered device proven in independent bench top and clinical research investigations to significantly reduce the pathogen load on the soles of healthcare provider footwear. No other device has both peer-reviewed published clinical studies and independent clinical laboratory testing to prove its efficacy.

By killing billions of  shoe-borne pathogens before they can enter the many vulnerable  areas within your facility, the HealthySole Plus will significantly reduce the overall microbial load and create a much safer and cleaner environment for your patients and staff members.

The HealthySole Plus Shoe Sole Disinfection Technology has been clinically tested in academic healthcare studies and has been implemented in many facilities in the US and around the world. Our satisfied customers range from Hospitals and ASC's to clean room research facilities for big pharma and high tech to even 503(b) compounding pharmacies, food processing and handling facilities and even law enforcement locations where foot patrols can bring in dangerous diseases unintentionally. In hospitals, we are used in PICUs, NICUs, operating suites, in-hospital pharmacy clean rooms, sterile reprocessing, infusion centers, and even transplant and infectious disease wards.

Simply put, when clinicians need to trust a single machine to kill pathogens on provider footwear, they turn to HealthySole Plus.

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